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I am passionate about animals, dogs wellbeing and their adequate health maintenance.  All the information about Dog Behaviourist, Dog Trainer, and Puppy School you will be reading on the Cause for Paws website, is based on behavioural facts, scientific evidence, and research of wildlife and domesticated dogs conducted over the past few decades by renowned independent research institutes, who thrive to provide the most relevant and species appropriate information.

Dog Training, puppy classes
Dog Training, puppy classes

Personal Dog Training

Cause for Paws train dogs and educate their owners with individual lessons at your home and convenience. From years of experience, I do not believe that group classes are effective for the domestic pet dog or puppies who are just starting their behavioural training, unless they are in an advanced stage of a performing dog that needs to work in a group of other dogs or a dog that has his basic training already in place, which then is a complete different training exercise. The single at home class is much more personal and effective, the time is devoted only to you and your dog and they also learn better as there are no distractions around like other dogs or puppies, it is their comfortable place and their territory.

If your dog requires obedience and and training, We can help.

  • Chewing

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Not coming when called

  • Social issues

  • Jumping

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Crotch sniffing

  • Excessive barking

  • Crossing of limit areas

  • Wreaking havoc on the family environment

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Cause for Paws: puppy dog training and owner education

Our business model is guided by ethics, values and is driven by passion to educate dog owners with the most updated and effective control guidelines. I have well over 30 years of experience, scientific research and positive reinforcement training methods, I will work with you to build a respectful and loving relationship with your dog founded on trust and respect, your dogs behavioural understanding and your appropriate expectations.

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Being a dog owner myself, for over 40 years I know how important your cherished four-footed is as I do the importance of finding the right dog trainer in Sydney who will not only prioritise their needs, but ensure their safety.

Cause for Paws main focus is based on the very important attributes of the canine scientific studies. introduction of the K9 and the interaction with humans and todays society, Rules, Boundaries, Limitations, Respect, Socialising, Exercise-Playtime, and Obedience.

I am a professional and experienced animal behaviourist and animal trainer and I will provide all the new puppy and dogs owners with the most important and honest facts you will need to know about how to make your new furry friend a happy, balanced and acceptable dog, and have a happy household. We cover all major subjects from correct food and feeding to breed specific behaviour, respect, their place in our pack and our place in their lives. what you will learn with Cause for Paws professional behaviourist will provide you with peace of mind knowing you are doing the right thing and that you have the honest facts you need to know.

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ACM40310 – Cert IV in companion animal service | US, BACH BBeSt
(companion animal science, behaviour, re-production technology,
wildlife science) |ASC425 – MSc-Animal Science and behaviour

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