Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Puppy School, Obedience Training, Sydney

Hire industry renowned Dog Trainer In Sydney, we conduct all dog training , Puppy School, Obedience training and rehablitation of dogs with anxieties.

With over 35 years of hands on experiance and A Masters in Animal behaviour (MSc-Animal Science and behaviour), for all your dog training needs, we conduct; puppy pre-school and dog obedience training in the entire Sydney region   We charge less then our competitors becaause we have the knowledge , experties and we can fix your doggie problms in one single session right infron of your eyes. We provide every one of our customers with a lifetime FREE support which does not cost you a thing for the life of your dog.


Successful rehabilitation of your dog demands the need for your dog to be trained in the Environment in which the behaviour occurs. So if your dogs behavioural problem occurs at home, on a walk round the block or the local park, then that is where he needs to be trained.

 Why Not Send My Dog Away To Be Trained?

Sending your dog away for training trains your dog but it doesn’t train YOU, furthermore it does not address the behavioural issues that are unique to your dogs behaviour in his environment.

You need to train your dog. Your dog quickly learns in a structured environment of a dog training facility where the trainer (not you) is a leader to be listened to and respected.

After your dog comes home you may still find your dog does not listen to you, continues with his old habits and you’ll be at a complete loss as to why.

Why Us?

We train you and your dog. We teach you the laws that govern behaviour which in turn equips you with the knowledge to train and properly communicate with your dog. This then gives you the skills set that will last you a life time as it would be in their natural pack environment, all for a price that is one-two hundred dollars lower than our competition*!

Last but not least, we offer Free after visit support via Skype, phone, email or apple Face Time and in person if necessary. In the rare event that you need another visit, we will do it at a reduced rate! Rehab Behavioural Home Dog Training, Private Pet Dog Obedience Training and Private Puppy School (Puppy Tutoring) are available Sydney Wide.

Cause for Paws Dog Training in Sydney, conducts the following services by qualified experts who utilise the very natural methods a dogs parent would be using in theire own natural habitate and natural ways, keeping them on their best behaviour. dog training, dog trainer, puppy pre-school, dog obedience training sydney and Hobart Tasmania

Our passion

Our passion for dogs extends beyond solving a dogs behavioural problems and providing obedience training.  Our love and passion drives us to teach you and your dog how to better understand each other and acheive the appropriate behaviour that a domesticated dog should possess.  Our passion motivates us to educate you to effectively communicate with your dog in a language they easily understand; their Language.

Our vision

Our vision is to educate dog owners to truly understand, not to humanise, the four-footed members of their household. Our vision is to educate dog owners about species-appropriate diet. Our vision is that all dogs will be loved and appreciated for the amazing creation that they are and what they can provide us in return .

Sydney Dog Trainer

Cause For Paws provides dog training, dog obedience training and puppy pre-school in Sydney.  Our Dog Training Program utilises positive reinforcement training methods acquired over 35 years of study and hands-on experience.  We will show you the world through the eyes of your dog so you better undestand their needs and the approproate correctionl pack behaviour.

Respect is a two-way street

Respect is a two-way street. We will teach you what you need to do to earn the respect of your dog.  We will help you understand the importance of pack-behaviour and how your dog sees and understands you as a member of their pack. We will teach you how to bond with your dog and how to be a calm and assertive ‘pack leader’.

Evidence-based research

All dogs are wonderfully unique, even the ‘naughty’ ones. We will teach you dog obedience training using techniques grounded in evidence-based research. We will help you combat and fix your dogs-behavioural problems using techniques vouchsafed by industry recognised independent animal behavioural research institutes and our own 35 years of sucsessful training methods.

Home-based training

We provide a personalised service and train your dog in your home. Dogs learn better with few distractions and in an environment they feel comfortable and secure in.

Dog Trainer Sydney, Dog Trainer Hobart

Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Puppy School, Obedience Sydney and Hobart
Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Puppy School, Obedience Sydney and Hobart

Personal Dog Training

Cause for Paws Now in Sydney and Hobart Tasmania.

Cause For Paws provide dog training, puppy pre-school, dog obedience training in Sydney,

We train dogs and educate their owners with individual lessons at your home and convenience.  The benefits of one on one at home Dog Training is personal and way more effective, the time is devoted only to you and your dog. Dogs also learn better where there are no distractions in the surrounding environment, like other dogs, puppies, birds etc… Their home is their comfortable place and territory and feel more secure.  The dog needs to learn to bond with you and respect you to obey commands, and this only happens when you are with your dog in a one on one dog training session.

If your dog requires obedience and and training, We can help.

  • Chewing

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Not coming when called

  • Social issues

  • Jumping

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Crotch sniffing

  • Excessive barking

  • Crossing of limit areas

  • Wreaking havoc on the family environment

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Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Puppy Pre-School, Dog Obedience Training Sydney.

Understand More About: Dog training, dog trainer, puppy pre-school, dog obedience training Sydney.

Dog Training Eastern Suburbs Sydney/Mascot 2020

Dog Training Penrith and the entire western, north western, and south western suburbs.

Dog training, dog trainer, puppy pre-school, dog obedience training, is available in the entire Sydney and greater Sydney, Inner west, sutherland shire Sydney, Eastenr Suburbs and more, Cause for Paws is professional qualified and experienced animal behaviourist with a Masters Degree in Animal Science and Behaviour with more then 35 years of hands on experience working in the industry with many years of research qualifications and studying the psychology of dogs communication, and their rights to respectfully live in our environment, makes us the specialists in dog training, puppy pre-school classes and dog obedience training in Sydney.

Covering the entire Eastern Suburbs region, from Dog Trainer Maroubra, Dog Training Botany, Dog Behaviour training Mascot, Dog Obedience Training, Dog Training Alexandria, Dog Trainer Bondi, dog trainer Coogee, dog trainer Randwick, dog trainer Moorpark, dog trainer Zetland and the entire Sydney areas.

We provide dog training, dog trainer, puppy pre-school, dog obedience training Sydney and Hobart, and puppy and dogs owners with the facts they need to know to ensure their furry friend is a happy, balanced, obedient, well mannered dog, and how to have a happy and loving household.

We address a whole range of presented and learnt behaviours and problems including species-appropriate feeding and diet and breed-specific Dog Training and Dog Behaviour correction. We teach dog owners how to appropriately communicate and respect their dog and how to understand pack behaviour because dogs need to make choices too.

Our Place within The Dog Training Industry.

Cause For Paws is proud to claim the leadership and best practices in the dog training industry, our professional behaviourist, dog trainer, puppy pre-school, dog obedience training Sydney, will provide you, your dog and your family with peace of mind and confidence of a stable pack leader, hence raising a properly behaved dog in a calm and orderly environment resulting in a well-mannered dog with special management technics learnt and perfected over 35 years.

The main focus of our service is: dog training,  puppy pre-school, dog obedience training and educating the owners of the dog with the knowledge of proper communication to achieve the outmost mannerism and good behaviour from your dog, in Sydney

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Cert IV in companion animal service | US, BACH BBeSt
(companion animal science, behaviour, re-production technology,
wildlife science) | MSc-Animal Science and behaviour


Stella Healy – ACM20110 Cert II Animal Studies |

ACM40310 Cert IV Companion Animal Services. Senior Dog Trainer and behaviourist

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Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

The secrets for a better life with your dog is very simply and easy when you just listen to your dog. They are continually communicating with us and most of us just miss the cues. Dogs are highly social animals and therefore live in packs.  They love being together with the other members of the pack and

What We Do

What We Do

We do dog training Sydney! We have a driving passion to care for and provide the best possible life for both owners and their canine friends. After all, dogs and humans have been good friends and working partners for thousands of years. They give us their unconditional love and depend on us for every aspect of their lives: food, exercise, love, respect and cuddlesome attention. A happy dog will bring joy and happiness to everyone around them and our dog training classes Sydney provide just the right balance for pet and owner.

Cause for Paws provide all levels of canine training, at your home or workplace: training in the dog's "home" environment can be crucial in certain aspects. For example, when teaching a puppy where their sleeping place is, their eating place or toilet, it is so much easier, quicker and more effective to do this where they live … and the family can join in and learn as well. We provide programmes for puppies, partly or fully trained older dogs that might just need a bit of extra help, as well as specialised training for working dogs. Cause for Paws can rightly claim to lead the field in Sydney dog training.

We firmly believe that there is an advantage to training your dog in their home, especially when training a dog to overcome more difficult problems like aggression, rehabilitation (of mistreated dogs), growling and snarling, incessant barking, crotch sniffing, jumping up at people or difficult behaviour with other dogs.

Cause for Paws also realise the critically important aspect of educating you, the owner (and your family), in all aspects of successfully living with your "best friend", whether this be basic puppy training, obedience training or the more advanced K9 programme. We therefore also provide what is recognised as a very useful and appreciated support advice service for owners by email or 'phone: another reason why we believe we are first in dog training school Sydney.

Our Sydney dog training courses are the result of over thirty years spent owning, training and working with dogs. Ron, the owner, has enhanced his huge hands-on experience by formal study coupled with continuing reviews of scientific expert research. His qualifications include: ACM40310 – Cert IV in companion animal service US; BACH BBeSt (companion animal science, behaviour, re-production technology, wildlife science); ASC425 – MSc-Animal Science and behaviour. He approaches each training requirement professionally and knowledgeably, complemented by a respectful and loving attitude. With Ron leading the way, Cause for Paws are lucky to have the best dog trainer Sydney has to offer.

Dog Training Sydney

Cause for Paws offer all types and levels of canine training, including:

  • Dog Training
  • Obedience/Behaviour Training
  • Puppy Pre-School
  • Puppy Classes
  • Dog Rehabilitation
  • Owner Education
  • Health and Diet
  • Gaining Your Dogs Respect

There is an ongoing debate amongst professional dog trainers about the two main forms of training used in the business, Reward Based, also known as Positive Reinforcement, or Respect Based training. Cause for Paws use both methods as is appropriate for the dog and the training objective. Both methods have their strong points but one method definitely does not fully meet every type of training requirement. Indeed, one method may be effective for certain breeds of dog, while the other my not produce equally satisfactory results.

Respect Based Training

Respect Based Training conforms to the behaviour a dog will develop in the wild as part of a pack. The leader of the pack does not reward other pack members for doing something well. The other dogs in the pack respect and trust the leader because he provides for them, keeps them safe and looks after the wellbeing of the pack as a whole. This is the same as how a dog owner should behave in relation to their dog. Never forget that a dog will always consider themselves part of a "pack", whether they are living with a family or are out in the wild. As mentioned earlier, dogs are pack animals and when they come into your home they will be looking to see who the "pack leader" is and will need to learn where their "place" is.

This all important "respect" is based on mutual respect, which is a two way communication. Shouting and hitting a dog will not earn its respect. Probably the most important realization that must be made when dealing with respect is that it must be earned by both sides.

Rewards Based Training

Rewards based training, while it can produce good results, tends to be used in more specialised training situations, such as trick performing dogs or substance detecting dogs. It is definitely useful for initial starter training, but with both an owner and their dog earning each other's mutual respect, the results will be more effective and long lasting.

K9 Dog Training Sydney

A quick word about the advanced K9 training program. This is a program used most often by the police, customs and other government agencies to train a dog to search, for example, for explosives, drugs and other illicit or illegal substances. Obviously this form of training goes beyond that required by families and typical dog owners and is highly specialised.

The owner of Cause for Paws has specific real-life experience of both training and using K9 trained dogs and he is therefore excellently placed to provide this service. Another reason why he is considered one of the best dog trainer Sydney has available. Our K9 Dog Training Sydney programme has proved highly successful and we welcome enquiries from appropriate organizations who will benefit from this programme.

Choosing a "Best Friend" for You and Your Family

Everyone has heard the old adage, "a dog is for life". We all know it because it is true. The life in question is usually the dog's life because we humans live much longer than dogs, which often do not live more than twelve to fifteen years; which is still a long time. Choosing a dog therefore requires some practical thinking before you engage on this hugely rewarding experience.

Do you want a large or small dog? Will you be getting a puppy or a rescued dog? Is your home suitable for the dog? Can you provide enough exercise and attention? Do you have, or plan to have children? Do you already own a dog? The list of questions, while vast for all situations, can be brought down to a few key issues and Cause for Paws will be very pleased to guide you and help you make these important decisions.

A dog left all day on their own while their owners are busy working, and then receiving little or no attention from a tired owner can develop problems. These problems can make life very difficult indeed for both owners and dogs: incessant barking and complaining neighbours, dog messes around the house plus more difficult problems can develop. Get things right from the start and you can look forward to many years of good friendship and love with your "best friend", and, of course, children tend to love their pets and become the very, very best of friends. A delight for the whole family.

Some basic considerations when buying a puppy: please go to a reputable and registered breeder. This will ensure you receive a healthy, correctly vaccinated puppy which will save you from problems and possibly even some hefty veterinarian bills later on. A good breeder will also be able to advise you which breed would be best for you and your family. Never accept a puppy that is taken away from their mother less than eight weeks after birth; this can adversely affect their development and often leads to difficult problems later in the dog's life.

Research different breeds. Elderly couples will not necessarily want a dog that requires a lot of daily exercise. People living in small apartments should not be thinking of getting a Great Dane. Do you have a large garden? These are ideal for the larger breeds. Dogs from a "working" breed will need more exercise than the smaller "lap-dog" breeds, although this is not a hard and fast rule: some types of Terriers go like mad lightning all day!

Some breeds require specific caring regimes, Poodles, for example, while other breeds develop known physical problems: Dachshunds (also known as "Sausage Dogs") may develop back problems and always need to be picked up carefully; Boxers are known for developing heart problems. Be aware that there may be extra costs and effort required with certain breeds.

Abandoned or mistreated dogs can be difficult to integrate into your family and may not be the best choice for first time owners.

Time spent carefully considering your abilities and home environment and the dog's needs can prevent much heartache and expense in the future.

Puppy Training

Training your puppy will definitely provide the best start for your pet and will ensure your future together is rewarding and happy.

Like all babies, a puppy will start learning from their parents and litter-mates the day it is born. Just like human babies, mistreatment in early childhood can lead to problems during adulthood. With puppies, regardless of the breed or size, the first fourteen weeks are the most important and Cause for Paws recommends you start their training as soon as possible.

In addition to training, the puppy should be allowed into as many different situations as possible: other dogs, other people and children, noisy places, motor-bikes and cars. A sensible approach, which ideally should be supported by proper training, is to take your puppy to all the places you most frequent so they come to accept those places and people and are relaxed and happy there.

Puppies, just like children, need to know the "do's and don'ts" and what you expect from them. Cause for Paws can not only provide essential training but also provide remote support by email or 'phone to help you ensure you have a well-balanced, loving and well-behaved pet.

Getting Out and About

Taking your "best friend" down to the beach or park is a great time for both you and them and Sydney provides some great places for a happy walk. And remember, the exercise is just as good for you as it is for your four-legged friend!

Taking your children to a park or beach, especially pre-teen and teen, is a great way to let everyone, including your furry friend, have some good fun and will tire them out and give everyone an excellent appetite.

And please remember that your dog, of whatever size, will always protect the people they trust and feel are part of their "pack". So while your children are running around having fun, they will also have a good, trustworthy guardian with them at all time. It has often been noted that dogs have a "sixth-sense" and can sense danger, especially in new, unknown people. They will show their doubts in various ways, perhaps even growling at a stranger with bad intent. Pay attention to your dog and trust their instinct: they regard it as their job to protect you, even fighting to the death to protect you in really bad situations.

When you have a well-trained dog, you are adding to your family's own personal safety and security. Just one of the many bonuses of having a happy, well-balanced four-footed member of the family.

Some of the best parks and beaches for you and your dog to enjoy:

Centennial Park: access via Robertson Road, Randwick or Woollahra Gates.
158 acres, off-leash, with 360 poo-bag waste bins.

Rowland Reserve, Bayview: access via Pittwater Rd, Bayview
Great views and has both grass and beach access, great for building "water-confidence" in children and dogs.

Sydney Park: access via Sydney Park Rd, St Peters
Once an industrial site, now beautiful lawns with many paved walk-ways. Great for obedient dogs who are good at socializing with other dogs.

Connie Lowe Reserve: access via Adelphi St, Rouse Hill
This is a huge hillside park with a fenced off-leash area. The park also has a children's playground, BBQ area and free parking.

North Shelly Beach: access via Shelly Beach Road, Shelly Beach
Dogs are welcome on the beach, which is unusual for some parts of Sydney. The dog-walking area is between North Shelly Beach and Toowoon Bay. Go splash!

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