I fed my Labrador Maxi good quality grain free kibble for his first 4 years.  (At least I thought it was good quality…)  As we had many illness incidents, such as skin problems, hot spots and rashes, skeletal and urinary tract infection illnesses etc.  During these 4 years, we had to put him on special veterinary prescribed diets several times, which were also kibble.  Not to mention the many vet visits, thousands of dollars spent on vet bills and the poor health and misery Maxi was in.  Not knowing that all these illnesses were food related.

Maxi is now 7 years old. I changed his diet to K9 Natural and Ziwipeak 3 years ago and, his life and ours have completely changed.  No more bone issues, No more smelly flatulent’s, perfect skin, excellent white and healthy teeth, much stronger and more active then ever, and no vet bills due to food related illnesses in these 3 years.

I am absolutely stoked that we listened and opened our minds to change Maxi to a raw diet, and all that can be credited to Ron from Cause for Paws who convinced me to change.  Now it is 3 years that I am feeding Maxi with a raw diet, and I would not ever change his diet. I would also highly recommend this food to every dog.

Cause for Paws prices are the lowest I found around, they deliver free to my door step, and the customer service is exceptional and personable.

Highly recommendedAaron D , Randwick, NSW

We used to feed Kita, our Husky x Kelpie, normal dog food, or sometimes rice with meat etc that we usually got from the supermarket. She is 6 and started having all these problems last year: ear infection, hot spots, bad fur, horrible breath, really bad stomach and taking on lots of weight.

So we thought it might be because she is getting old and she will start to have these problems more often now.  We took her to the vet, who did a good job curing her ear infection but that was about it.  We had numerous visits to the vet as well, which was very costly and wasn’t helping much more.

It’s only a month or two later that we met with Cause For Paws in Centennial Park.  We had a little chat as our dogs got along and he gave us some advice that I put into practice straight away.

The advice to us was to stop shaving her and let her natural fur do what it is supposed to do etc.  And he told us to change her diet.  That is when we went for Ziwipeak as they advised.  We tried a small pack at first and I was honestly surprised with the result.

In just a few weeks you could notice the difference.  Kita has now been on Ziwipeak for a about 4-5months.  Her fur is nice and soft and vibrant.  She also had a back leg operation a few years ago and has always been a bit stiff and weak there, that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.  She has lots of energy, no bad breath, hotspots disappeared within weeks of taking the Ziwipeak and she hasn’t has any stomach issues since.

And I have to say she actually loves it! We ran out of Ziwipeak once and didn’t place the order in time and she sniffed at her bowl when I gave her can food for 2 days!  I have never actually tested the difference between foods for my pets and vets don’t seem to give you good advice about that.

At first I thought that Ziwipeak was slightly expensive but Kita has 5KG a month and if you think about it, it comes to about $50 a week for Ziwipeak and we used to spend about $30-40 a week on her food anyway. So it is not actually that expensive and the difference it makes is just worth it.  Cause for Pause deliver the food to your door step free!

I am glad we listened to them, they know what they are talking about and actually cares about your pet probably as much as their own.  If a vet had just told me before to change her diet and explain what you can and cannot do or feed to certain breeds it would have made life much easier for Kita and less expensive for me.

I recommend this food to everyone

Jessica V, Kensington, NSW

Put simply, Cause For Paws incalculably improved the quality of my life, for which I will be truly forever grateful.

A chance meeting down at Sydney Park late one evening saw my dog, Stuart (Cattle X Corgi X Bit of everything!), transformed in a matter of seconds.

Stuart is 9 years old. He came into my life when he was 6 years old. He was extremely anti-social and very aggressive towards other dogs. I could NEVER take him to dog parks, let alone walk him when any other dog was around.  This meant I walked him very late at night, every night. He had extreme anxiety, which was taxing on both him and myself.

I was at the point where I would have to perhaps accept that Stuart may never be able to be near another animal and his horrific anxiety would remain forever. It was an extremely depressing time in my life, as Stuart is my best friend (and son!) and it caused me great pain to see him so distressed all of the time.

Up until we met Cause for Paws, Stuart had been at a very well known and highly regarded dog rehabilitation centre for two months for his anxiety and aggression. He came home and very little had changed.  It was recommended he go on medication such as Prozac, of which I desperately didn’t want to start him on.

I had purchased everything from special training leads, a backpack, training clickers, his own treadmill, a thunder shirt, watched tutorials online & read endless information on ways to help him, but nothing seemed to work. The day Stuart and I first met Cause for Paws, was the night before I had planned to start Stuart on medication.

To this day, Stuart has never been on any medications. Not in my WILDEST dreams did I ever think we could go down to a dog park, let alone let him off the lead when dogs were around, wagging his tale and being so interested in making friends.  Today we go for runs down at Sydney Park EVERY SINGLE DAY. Stu is the happiest he has ever been. He is making friends and enjoying his life. His anxiety has improved beyond belief and so has mine!

The night we met with Cause for Paws will be one of the happiest days of my life. I went home that evening and was so overjoyed, I could have cried. No one in my family and none of my friends could believe Stuart’s improvement and demanded video evidence to prove it!

The knowledge and expertise in dog behaviour aswell as human behaviour that positively and negatively influences dog behaviour, was extensive and extraordinary, to say the least. he is so incredibly generous with his time and unbelievably kind. In 30 seconds, Stuart transformed from his completely anti-social aggressive state, to sniffing & saying hello to other dogs, then sitting calmly next to us all.

I just could not believe it.  I’m convinced Anouk is also a wizard in the dog world.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cause for Paws have been absolute gifts in our lives. I cannot be more grateful. I cannot imagine how we would have been, had we not gone down to the park that evening. Angelica & Stuart xxx

Angelica H, Alexandria, NSW

I thought I had done a lot of research into good quality dog food until I met Cause for Paws and started reading up on Ziwipeak, on his recommendation. I was already convinced that high grain diets are not good for dogs but had never considered the impact of high temperature baking on food quality. I am very very glad we have made the change to Ziwipeak. Our puppy Juno is now 9 months old and has been having Ziwipeak for about 2 months. Her black guard coat has developed a gorgeous sheen and her undercoat is softer than ever. She has absolutely no doggie breath at all and is not smelly or farty since she started the Ziwipeak. We are very, very happy. Another plus is that Cause for Paws delivers Ziwipeak to our door (free of charge) and is cheaper than anywhere else. Love it!!

Karen A, St Peters NSW