Taking Your Dog Out On The First Date

Taking Your Dog Out On The First Date

Taking Your Dog Out On The First Date

Heye there. have you ever thought of taking you dog out for a date with another dog that he gets on with or even introducing him to new well behaveddog?

Well, here is your chance>

Taking your dog out on a date with another dog, can be quite stressful, for you that is. Your pooch doesn’t even know he is going on a date yet, but what he does know is; that he is going out to the park playing with other mates of his or just play with other starager dogs who love to play.  Dogs are alway always happy to go out because they need ro excert their energy in sime wy after being looked up in the home back yard for some hours…

So when you take hime out on a dogggy gate make sure he is arriving at his date well presented, calm and clean.   Just don’t forget to have a clean up your self 🙂  you never know what this outing might lead too.

And what is all this doggie dating thing anyway?

Doggie dating is a new and up coming feature we intruduced where you can find other doggies and their owners that are looking for friends in your area, you can also find other comparable dogs for your dog to play with.

What a great idea id this dog date feature, this is fun for your dog and can be fun for you too, as you can meet new interesting people. If they are not interesting, at least your doggies enjoys and has fun playing.

So come on and join the doggie dating feature here and get out with your best friend to the park or walk and provide your pooche with pleasures he would like to have.

Cause for Paws dog training services is trying to introduce dogs that are alike to others with similar interstes of their owners too, so they can enjoy a good healty day out with the right excersize they require.

You can add your dog picture and informatipn by signing up to the doggie date page and describe your dogs cararteristics and favorites games or interests, if other users find it suited to them they may contact you and request to meet with you and your dog for a play in the park or just to go for a wak togetrher.  this can be a fun and helpful xsosialising execrcise to your dog too.   why dont you come on and sign up add your dog image and interates and wait for a reply from a pooch with similllar interests.

Caue for Paws really encourage this dog intruductin because socialision in dogs is one of the mose fundemental behaviourqal learning  classes for dogs.