Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog
Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

The secrets for a better life with your dog is very simply and easy when you just listen to your dog.
They are continually communicating with us and most of us just miss the cues.
Dogs are highly social animals and therefore live in packs.  They love being together with the other members of the pack and in their minds they see us as a member of the pack.
So it is very simple. To have a better and happier relationship with your dog, and have your dog trust you and respect you, you must spend more time with them mentally stimulate your dog. and not just disburse a couple of pats every now and then, as this is not enough for them.  Mental stimulation breaks that gap between you as you leave them alone for hour at the time, day after day.
Mental stimulation can be achieved by playing games engaging the dogs mind and by teaching your dog behavioural commands such as stay, eye contact etc.
Share your secrets with other dog lovers, of how to have a better and more interesting life with your dog

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