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Puppy Classes / Dog Training Sydney
Puppy Classes / Dog Training Sydney

Puppy Classes / Dog Training Sydney

Cause for Paws is driven by merit, passion and the focus to educate pet owners with maximum understanding of their pet, utilising appropriate scientific evidence, and positive respect based training methods to achieve the highest results, and provide you and your puppy or your adult dog with a good head start and a good healthy relationship for many years to come.

Your Dog is hopefully going to be with you for 9-10 and some even 16 years or more.

To set your dog up for success, it is crucial to start conditioning them to their surroundings environment and stimuli, and provide them with guidance early in their life.  Understanding these small behavioural needs will help you have a long term impact on their behaviour, all which seems like a small investment to make for a lifetime of happiness and balance.

This will result in gaining your dogs respect, and will reward you with a well behaved, socially acceptable, happy and a balanced Dog. As for your Dog: knowing he will have a happy, loving and forever home.

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I had dogs all my life but I learned a think or two from Ron..maybe more😊
And the think that I can call him anytime to ask for advice is a big plus for us
We adopted a 2.5 years old American stuffy that wasn’t socialised correctly and as we did not know his past made me really nervous and did not know how to treat him
Ron eased my fears and help me train the dog the right way
Now we have a lovely boy that stole our hearts
Thank you Ron

Wow, where do I start? Ron has an incredible wealth of knowledge about dogs and their psychology. He also has a “presence” that right away my very cute but naughty puppy responded to. This is the FOURTH trainer we’ve seen since we’ve had the pup and he is the first to make total sense and apply proper dog psychology to explain the methods he uses. I’ve been given such conflicting information by the other trainers, and wasted so much time (and money!), I wish I knew about Cause for Paws Dog Training 5 months ago. If you’re a fan of Cesar Millan, this is basically the Cesar Millan of Australia. I almost felt like I was in a “Dog Whisperer” episode! Such an eye opener. Thank you Ron, I am very confident that with your advice and my persistence we will turn this troublesome puppy into a good dog at last

Laetitia Rodrigues

Highly Qualified, Extremely Knowledgeable Above and Beyond Customer Service and after service .
My wife and I adopted to beautiful recue dogs, after a month of unchartered waters and two dogs in much need of training we decided to search for a Highly specialised dog behaviourist/trainer. I was extremely sceptical of dog trainers as my daughter had previously invested time and money with various other dog trainers for her dog with little or no result.
Due to my scepticism, my wife called Ron and spoke with him at length for half an hour as well as explained my apprehension due to my daughters experience with her past dog trainers. I then called Ron and spoke with him for an hour. Based on his past experience and wealth of knowledge and qualifications I decided to get Ron to come to our house and meet our dogs and teach us the correct method on handling certain situations.
To our amazement, our dogs bonded immediately with Ron and we spent another couple of hours going through the correct procedures and training of not only the dogs but training us as well.
We discussed all aspects of having a pet, from feeding and diet through to walking, exercises and best practice to ensure we would have many years of wonderful experiences with our dogs.
Ron guaranteed he would provide an after service if required, I can honestly say that he has stuck to his promises and we have contacted him on occasions when we have had some issues, he has always been there to help us. Due to his passion for animals and dogs he has always gone “above and beyond” to ensure we have a very happy relationship with our dogs.
We have been extremely happy with our choice to use Ron as our dog behaviourist, are dogs are much better trained, much more healthier and happy, we would not hesitate to recommend Ron and his services to anyone wishing to employ his expert knowledge and advice.
On behalf of my wife, myself, Marley and Patchy we cant thank you enough.


About Cause for Paws

The story of my connection and love for dogs began when I was just a young boy. My father was a professional dog trainer and handler training police and army dogs to detect and sniff out substances, conduct search and rescue missions, to track criminals and protect perimeters .

Being surrounded by dogs on a daily basis, and having our own pet dogs from a very young age, I was captivated by their intelligence, their unconditional love and their commitment and loyalty to humans not to mention the happiness and sense of wellbeing they brought to my life. I learnt at a young age that there was a reason dogs are commonly called, ‘man’s best friend’.

After several years of serving in the army, and with all of my service still being occupied by my association with dogs, I migrated to Australia. Shortly after arriving I adopted a rescue puppy, then another. They were a huge part of my life for many years, however after their passing, especially at a grand age, the pain and grief that followed prevented me from being able to share my life once again with a treasured four-footed.

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My life was dog-less for the next 2 years and it was relatively recently changed with the arrival of my beautiful dogs. At that moment, the pain of the past melted away and my heart began to heal.  Not only that, but I emotionally reconnected with my childhood and my father, and the dynamic and loving training environment I had been exposed to all those years.

As a result of this rebirth, Cause for Paws was seemingly established with the aim of providing professional and breed specific dog training and to give back to people and their cherished four-footed household members, the love and devotion the dogs in my life have given unconditionally to me.

Many years of animal study and their habitats, their behaviour, their social life, the structure within the Grey Wolf pack life in their natural habitate in the US for almost 6 years, have been a valuable additional vault of information that I have acquired in over 38 years.  These years of hands on experience allow me to understand their way of communication and general behaviour, thus allowing me to draw on knowledge, implement strategies in the most effective way and educate their owners with the correct information and handling of a dog.

My Qualifications are:

Cert IV in companion animal service 

US, BACH BBeSt  (companion animal science, behaviour, re-production technology,
wildlife science)

MSc-Animal Science and behaviour

MSc in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology

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