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Dog Behaviourist Dog Trainer

Dog Behaviourist Dog Trainer

Training is quite an easy process to take on when you know what you are doing. And most importantly is, how to correctly approach and correct misbehaviours and praising when required.

When you have the knowledge, background and correct educational tools, coupled with many years of studying wild and domesticated dogs, and with my 39 years experience working with dog behavioural issues, I have developed the perfected training methods down to the finest details and requirement for them to properly respond and understand us.

Dogs will do anything we want them to do on command with the correct approach.  Once your dog learns your humanised behaviour and interaction with him, they will become confused, anxious, misbehave and can develop anxieties of many variables.  Here you find that your fido does not respond to you because we do not understand them and they do not understand us.

It is very easy and simple to correct those learnt behaviours or displayed symptoms if you know how to appropriately approach the situation.  And I am going to show you how quick and easy it is to change a dogs behavioural problem within a session or two, and sometimes within minutes.

We do not punish or shout at our trainee dogs, we use Force Free training methods which resemble their natural learning from their biological parents.

We actually communicate with them silently and very gently, and in the same language and approach their parents would communicate with them to gain that Trust, Bond and Respect for ultimate and obedience, good mannerisms and constant effective control with good development of their social skills.

Reward Based (Positive Reinforcement) Training OR Respect Based Training

The question of Reward based or Respect based training has always been a debate amongst many professional dog trainers, and dog training organisations.

On the other hand, Cause For Paws training guidelines are based on proven researched facts which show that dogs that have been trained on their natural respect training program are better listeners and more obedient with better social skill.

Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviour Correction, Canberra
Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviour Correction, Canberra

Dog Training and Dog Behaviourist – Canberra

Training your dog is a very important subject for every single domestic dog owner, I am going to try and make this article as short and to the point as I possibly can.

As I am in the opinion that people should know what type of dog training is appropriate for their dog and to satisfy the specific requirements or needs of their dog’s breed and their own expectations before being talked into any costly dog training that is going to prove ineffective or unsuitable to your specific needs, and in many case will result in the dog ending up in a worse situation then it started

Why Does Cause For Paws Advocate To Start Your Dog Training From Very Early Puppy Stages.

I can tell you one thing. If you have a dog that was trained based on the Positive or “Reward based training” program, and you walked down the off leash park one afternoon with your dog or even on the leash, and your dog has seen a possum or a cat on the other side of the road.

Get Expert Dog Trainer in Canberra and Snowy Monaro regionDog Training and Dog Behaviourist – Canberra

It wouldn’t matter how big the steak in your hand is to try bribing therm with it, your dog will ignore the stake and lunge forward and run to catch the possum or cat, and will not pay attention to any of your commands and completely ignore you.

This scenario was proven over and over many times… and I am sure many of you if not all of you will agree with me on this.

Respect Based Dog Training

A dog that was trained with the Respect based training program and the same scenario in the park will arise, you will have no problem saying “STAY”, and your dog will stop in its tracks and stay by your side without having to bribe them with a treat or that extra expensive stake I was talking about earlier.  Your dog will sit or stand by your side and await your permission for his next step… such as “FREE”

Just think about the pack leader in the wild, does he give treats or steaks to his pack members when they listen to him? NO. Does he pat them and say good boy? NO. (that applies to all pack animals not just to dogs) the pack dogs listen to their leader and do exactly what he asks of them every single time because they respect him, they trust him, and because he protects them and provides stability, comfort and happiness to the pack. and all that is achieved silent energy, body language and eye contact gestures and bonding.

Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviourist, Canberra
Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviourist, Canberra

Respect is a learned behaviour in the wild, and if you have a good trainer that is familiar with this behaviour and knows how to use and implement training techniques with these natural behaviour methods, then you are in good hands. And as I said before, do not shout or beat up your dog to get him to respect you.  On the contrary, this will only make your dog resent you and run away from you, misbehave, and completely ignore you. (That is where disrespect comes from)

What most people keep forgetting, is a very common mistake that creates many of the problems, we humanising our dogs and apply human emotions while interacting with our dogs which confuses the dog and in time he will get confused and may develop anxieties of many forms.

Dog Training and Dog Behaviourist – Canberra

Dogs don’t have emotions like humans have. dogs don’t hold grudges and feel bad that they didn’t share their meal or their toy with you… Dogs are primal and will always behave in a primal way, such as their instincts, behaviour, their senses and feeding requirements. (at least in our lifetime and our grand, grand, grand children’s lifetime…)

Yes, dogs have been domesticated about 11.000 years ago or more, but this does not mean they have evolved in their physicality, their dietary needs nor have they evolved in their behavioural and social structures etc.… Remember that for an animal such a a top preditor to evolve , or (physically change) it would take hundreds of thousands if not a couple of millions of years to evolve and change, and even then any changes would only be subtle changes, and they would still be primal.

Reward Based Dog Training

dog training, dog trainer, dog obedience, dog behaviour correction, Sydney. Now, I am not saying that Reward based training is not recommended or it doesn’t work. It does work, and we do use reward base training ourselves. However, you have to remember that in my professional opining it will be only effective or suitable for certain dog groups such as; performing dogs, substance detecting dogs and for initial starter and motivate puppies to do something for the reward.

Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviour Correction, Sydney
Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviour Correction, Sydney

On the other hand, dogs that have been trained by the Respect Based Training method have always followed their commands or at least in 99% of the time, and still have been rewarded a treat such as food or favoured toy and a good belly rub at a conclusion of a training session or a task they were asked to preform.

Dogs trained through the Respect Based Training programs are far more compliant then reward base trained dogs, and it does not mean that respect based trained dogs have been abused or been treated roughly to have them trained os listen to you or perform the task you ask them to do, on the contrary, they will respond to calm and assertive commands with far more attention and much better.

Don’t Miss it – Dog Training and Dog Behaviourist – Canberra and Snowy Monaro region

When Dog Training is on your agenda, might it be for aggression, barking or any other reason, a consideration for many aspects must be taken into account.

The species of the dog must be taken into consideration, as all dogs have been bred for different proposes and reasons and different training techniques will be advantageous. Some dogs species have been bred for working purpose, some for hunting, some for companion, some for fighting and killing of rodents and some for other sports such as; toy dogs, lap dogs, retrieving etc…

You must also make sure that your trainer looks at the general environment that your dog lives in, and whom the dog interacts with during the day within the family. Dogs also have different levels of intelligence and different levels of energy, and these examples are just some of the reasons different training methods will have to be implemented for different breeds and different situations.

Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviour Correction, Sydney
Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviour Correction, Sydney

Unfortunately not many Dog trainers possess the correct training skills, and do not have the necessary experience and background knowledge or tools necessary to achieve this level of Respect based training, Dog Training requires many years of hands on experience, living and working with animals, researching their social structures and carefully studying and documenting their every aspects of life experience and understanding their ways of communication… Many dog trainers will also turn to human made tools to assist in their training such as choker chains, electronic collars and some other nasty devices or methods.

So, please avoid this cruelty and ineffective human made harming training tools or methods. Because, as soon as you have no choker chain or electronic collar on your dog, he will be back at his old unwanted tricks… Once more; If you go back to the wild and look at the leader of the pack, does he have chocker chains on his pack members? Does he have electronic collars on them? NO. He has one thing which is the only thing that works, he has their respect and the bond.

Moreover, the most frustrating thing is when you hear the many stories about people spending fortunes on “trainers” and “behaviourist” with no results period. I am sure you are familiar with some similar stories too.

You need to understand that I unreservedly and completely LOVE dogs; I have been around dogs and other animals since I was a child, and I am still spending more time every day around and with dogs. I respect them and the way they live and communicate and I would do anything to help any dog have a balanced and happy life.

Therefore, I will never promote any physical abuse nor will I allow any type of physical punishment, this does not work, on the contrary, they will only resent you, fear you and lose the respect that you are trying to gain.

So how do I do it? It is all about one word, in human language – “respect”. If you know how to gain your dogs respect in their way of communicating, then you’ll have his full attention every time. (Except when they are rolling in a mud pitt 🙂

As a conclusion to this topic, when you want or you are at the point you need your dog trained in the best possible and most suitable and effective way, you must ask yourself two very important questions;

1) What is it that you want your dog to do, or what do you expect from them?

2) Is your dog the right breed for your family activities level, and is your dog displays the symptoms for which training program you want?

Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviourist, Canberra
Dog Training, Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience, Dog Behaviourist, Canberra

Dog Training and Dog Behaviourist – Canberra

For me, a well-trained dog is not a dog that will sit or shake his paw for a biscuit, but a dog that will look me in the eyes and await permission from his pack leader to go and play, chase a rabbit or finally eat that yummy steak 🙂

And if you want to have your dog’s full attention at all times irrespective of what distraction lie ahead of him, then contact Cause for Paws for your dog training assessment and needs. Contact Us Now!

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