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Puppies learn from the moment they are born from their parents and their litter-mates. When taken away from the biological parents you become the responsible person for their development from that moment. So you must start your puppy with their obedience learning as soon as possible, as the early 14 weeks of their life are the most important learning stages of their lives, and it doesn’t matter what breed or size they are, and it does not matter if they did or didn’t get their last vaccination, as they must be exposed to as many situations as possible such as; kids, other dogs and puppies, road noises, kids strollers and many other stimuli in our surroundings, the more they see at their earlier age the less anxiety issues they will have when they grow up.

We have to teach them where they rules, boundaries and limitations lay, we have to teach them respect and we have to start teaching them where to go to the toilet and where not to. Where is food served, where they sleep and many other boundaries and limitations in order to have a well behaved and balanced puppy.  If we wont teach them what we are expecting from them, they wont know what to do to be a good dog with and acceptable behaviour to us..

Cause for Paws will provide and educate you with scientifically researched information that has been proven to be the best and most effective way of training your puppy to grow into a well behaved and balanced adult dog.

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Put simply, Cause For Paws incalculably improved the quality of my life, for which I will be truly forever grateful.

A chance meeting down at Sydney Park late one evening saw my dog, Stuart (Cattle X Corgi X Bit of everything!), transformed in a matter of seconds.

Stuart is 9 years old. He came into my life when he was 6 years old. He was extremely anti-social and very aggressive towards other dogs. I could NEVER take him to dog parks, let alone walk him when any other dog was around.  This meant I walked him very late at night, every night. He had extreme anxiety, which was taxing on both him and myself.

I was at the point where I would have to perhaps accept that Stuart may never be able to be near another animal and his horrific anxiety would remain forever. It was an extremely depressing time in my life, as Stuart is my best friend (and son!) and it caused me great pain to see him so distressed all of the time.

Up until we met Cause for Paws, Stuart had been at a very well known and highly regarded dog rehabilitation centre for two months for his anxiety and aggression. He came home and very little had changed.  It was recommended he go on medication such as Prozac, of which I desperately didn’t want to start him on.

I had purchased everything from special training leads, a backpack, training clickers, his own treadmill, a thunder shirt, watched tutorials online & read endless information on ways to help him, but nothing seemed to work. The day Stuart and I first met Cause for Paws, was the night before I had planned to start Stuart on medication.

To this day, Stuart has never been on any medications. Not in my WILDEST dreams did I ever think we could go down to a dog park, let alone let him off the lead when dogs were around, wagging his tale and being so interested in making friends.  Today we go for runs down at Sydney Park EVERY SINGLE DAY. Stu is the happiest he has ever been. He is making friends and enjoying his life. His anxiety has improved beyond belief and so has mine!

The night we met with Cause for Paws will be one of the happiest days of my life. I went home that evening and was so overjoyed, I could have cried. No one in my family and none of my friends could believe Stuart’s improvement and demanded video evidence to prove it!

The knowledge and expertise in dog behaviour aswell as human behaviour that positively and negatively influences dog behaviour, was extensive and extraordinary, to say the least. he is so incredibly generous with his time and unbelievably kind. In 30 seconds, Stuart transformed from his completely anti-social aggressive state, to sniffing & saying hello to other dogs, then sitting calmly next to us all.

I just could not believe it.  I’m convinced Anouk is also a wizard in the dog world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cause for Paws have been absolute gifts in our lives. I cannot be more grateful. I cannot imagine how we would have been, had we not gone down to the park that evening.

Angelica & Stuart xxx

Highly Qualified, Extremely Knowledgeable Above and Beyond Customer Service and after service .
My wife and I adopted to beautiful recue dogs, after a month of unchartered waters and two dogs in much need of training we decided to search for a Highly specialised dog behaviourist/trainer. I was extremely sceptical of dog trainers as my daughter had previously invested time and money with various other dog trainers for her dog with little or no result.
Due to my scepticism, my wife called Ron and spoke with him at length for half an hour as well as explained my apprehension due to my daughters experience with her past dog trainers. I then called Ron and spoke with him for an hour. Based on his past experience and wealth of knowledge and qualifications I decided to get Ron to come to our house and meet our dogs and teach us the correct method on handling certain situations.
To our amazement, our dogs bonded immediately with Ron and we spent another couple of hours going through the correct procedures and training of not only the dogs but training us as well.
We discussed all aspects of having a pet, from feeding and diet through to walking, exercises and best practice to ensure we would have many years of wonderful experiences with our dogs.
Ron guaranteed he would provide an after service if required, I can honestly say that he has stuck to his promises and we have contacted him on occasions when we have had some issues, he has always been there to help us. Due to his passion for animals and dogs he has always gone “above and beyond” to ensure we have a very happy relationship with our dogs.
We have been extremely happy with our choice to use Ron as our dog behaviourist, are dogs are much better trained, much more healthier and happy, we would not hesitate to recommend Ron and his services to anyone wishing to employ his expert knowledge and advice.
On behalf of my wife, myself, Marley and Patchy we cant thank you enough.

Derek M Botany

Ron is AMAZING! He visited our house and met our two dogs and within minutes their behaviour had changed. He has taught us how to use dog language to show them good behaviour. Our new pup is a rescue and although our old dog has bonded well we were having trouble introducing the new pup to other dogs. We were worried as our old dog is so social and loves playing with other dogs. Ron has given us some very sound and logical techniques and we cannot wait to see the improvements. Ron has offered for us to call him anytime to check in and has also given us advice on food, treats and mental stimulation tricks. I feel so confident that we can now give our new rescue the best life!
We are so thankful for Ron’s advice. He has been so accommodating and helpful. He is a master at his craft and we now know how to communicate properly with our dog. Thank you Ron!

Penny Crossley Five Dock

My puppy Laila of 4 months had terrible seperation anxiety and would bark constantly for hours, disturbing the neighbours. I tried all the online advice and nothing seemed to work. I called Cause For Paws and arranged a home visit and when he had left I felt so much more confident with the tools that he had given me. Laila”s barking 2 weeks later had slowly diminished with the training that Cause For Paws taught me.. I’m so greatful that I’d found Cause For Paws. They regularly call me to check on Laila’s progress and it’s terrific giving him the great feedback that he helped me in achieving. 5 star recommendation for anyone needing advice with any kind of dog issues. Thanks Cause For Paws 🙂

Rachel M – Bondi

Were great in teaching my family and I information on our dogs overall health and behaviour. Stella came to my house and settled my over excited puppy very quickly. She taught my family and I mental stimulation techniques to keep him calm and obedient. She makes calls to check-in on how my puppy is doing and it is reassuring to know that we can call whenever we need more assistance. Highly recommend Cause for paws for anyone looking for dog trainers.

Olga Ibrahim

We had Stella come over to our place this weekend, and we had a walk around the neighborhood park. Our 2.5y/o border collie had behavioral issues with people/dogs/bikes that walked/drove pass him on his walks. Stella gave us great tips on how to make him calmer and how to make him obey our commands. With all the valuable information we received, we will be consistent in our training and it feels great to know that we will have continuous life time support.

Mara Zinthi

Ron came over recently to review our situation which included a house hold with 2 older dogs (10 & 13 years ) and the addition of a new puppy 14 weeks old. Our situation involved dogs not getting on, constant weeing and pooing inside, difficulty sleeping together, difficulty walking as a pack, basic integration issues as a pack.
Ron provided excellent insightful advice along with training, guidance and instructions as to how to get them to get on as a pack and behave better in our household. With two days they are now all sleeping together with out any dramas and are walking well as a a pack on leads.
Toilet training has improved dramatically.
Ron knows his stuff and is an insightful entertaining dog behavior specialist. Money well spent

Mark Hussey

We were at out wits end with our lovable but highly obstinate and intelligent beagle puppy, Bear. Ron taught us so much in our session we could have listened to him all day. Immediately we saw a change in Bear and ourselves, best money we have spent. The one on one session is ideal for working families like us who can’t get to weekly school sessions. Can’t recommend Ron and Cause for Paws enough. Thanks Ron!!

Simone Ohlmann

Highly recommend Ron. We brought our 12 wk puppy home and were confused by what was best for him, so much info online and what works for one isn’t necessarily best for another. We called Ron on a Sunday and he came over and spent 3 hours with us that day. Best money we ever spent. We are now able to communicate with our Herbie, understand his needs and wants and set the boundaries in a way he understands. He is such a calm and happy little pup as a result. Really isn’t puppy training, it’s human training. The service and knowledge Ron provided was excellent and very interesting. He has a real passion for dogs that shines through in his expert knowledge and aftercare, taking further calls to answer more questions after his visit. I’d recommend him to anyone for your puppy’s sake and yours! Thanks

Sharlotte Coates

My rescue dog had many phobias, a critical problem was his fear of cars, flatly refusing to get into the car, circling 2 metres or so away from the car… he was too big for me to lift into the car, so I needed urgent help….Stella responded immediately to my call and on a very hot summer day, managed amongst other things to get him close to the car…the next day Stella returned and presto in 10 minutes he was having fun leaping in and out … now he loves the car … thank you Stella for your perseverance and ongoing assistance…

Yevonne Singleton

I was having behaviour issues with my dog, she was showing signs of anxiety and aggression toward other dogs. I had sought help from vets and spoken to other behaviourists that all said it was a breed issue and it couldn’t be helped. I found Ron and we had a 40 minute conversation on the phone about my dog and her behaviours, he listened and talked me through everything he would do and booked me in for his next available session.

His extensive knowledge and holistic approach to dog behaviour astonished me, teaching me how to better communicate with my K9 friend so boundaries are established and respected.

It has been a month and I have a new dog, she is calmer, she uses her brain and not her excitement, she is interacting with other dogs and she is all round more obedient, he has educated me on proper species appropriate diet and healthcare and all to benefit our dogs.

Ron, you are a saviour!



Ron is so knowledgeable about dogs. And it is very evident that he is a true dog lover. He has instilled us with confidence and we are so happy that we asked Ron to help us with our 19 month old staffy fox terrier x.
Ron gave us many tips and useful advice that has improved our relationship with our furry family member.

Noni Roy

Puppy Training School Eastern Suburbs Sydney - Cause for Paws
Puppy Training School Eastern Suburbs Sydney - Cause for Paws

Puppy Pre School Programme Sydney

The good thing about our Puppy Training School at Cause for Paws is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, because WE COME TO YOU.

The best results for your puppy training starts in his own home territory or home environment, and this is also where we need to teach the puppy where to toilet, where the bed is, where toys are located, where the feeding spot is, what they can and cannot do, how to correct, and many other rules and boundaries they need to have at home and out.

Puppy Training School Sydney – Cause for Paws and the importance to start as early as posible with the right corecction and behaviour controll.

training is vital, as they must start learning as soon as we bring them home. The most important thing is to remember, that puppies as well as adult dogs have very different needs to us humans, and one of these needs is plenty of socialising with other puppies and dogs. The big misconception about group classes is that many of these classes held at your local veterinarian’s practice or a close by pet stores, will tell you that the puppy needs socialising and this is why you need to take them to a group session.  I cannot agree more that puppies do need socialising. However, the socialising time puppys get in a group class is very limited to mainly a few minutes a week over several weeks of classes, and this is not near enough. They really need daily socialising and interaction with different dogs and puppies, they need to be exposed to as many different situation or stimuli such as loud traffic noises, motorbikes, kids on bicycles and skateboards, women pushing a pram with a baby in it and so on.

Don’t Miss it – Puppy Training School – Cause for Paws    

You may have seen or heard of dogs or puppies who bark and even become aggressive towards prams, chasing bikes and are frightened of loud noises. This is because they have not been introduces to these type of situations or stimuli when they were puppies. And by saying this, I mean between the age of 4 weeks and 14 weeks. This is the curtail first learning period for a pup, as after these first 14 weeks, the puppy enters a fearful stage and his system shuts out everything they have not seen in their first 14 weeks.

Socialising on a daily basis will in all cases solve the majority of issues that you may have with a grown up dog that has not been properly socialised, if they have properly been given the right amount of socialising and freedom to be a dog.

For an effective dog training session or a Puppy Training School  – Cause for Paws,  you must start training at home where it’s the dog’s natural environment and where they are going to live, as that is the territory they will establish for them selves over the coming weeks.

At Cause for Paws, we will teach you and your puppy dog the most important and most effective ways of interacting with your puppy dog.

Home schooling does not cost you anymore then a group class.  You can have your family members and everyone that is in contact with your dog sitting in on this class.

Puppy Training School – Cause for Paws will also provide you with a written copy of all the important things to remember and you will also have a 6 month free phone consultation after the initial class has been conducted.

  •  Introduction to Cause for Paws and its program

  •  Dog Behaviour and dogs origins

  •  How to gain your dogs respect

  •  Dogs health and correct diet

  •   How dogs learn

  •  Responsible ownership and Behaviour

  •  Walking your dog on lead and socialisation.

  •  Teaching your dog tricks

  •  Rights and Wrongs

  •  Unwanted jumping up on people

  •  Begging at the table

  •  Barking

  •  Digging

  •  Biting

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To secure a convenient day please call; 0447 376 764 or email to: info@causeforpaws.com.au

Dog Training Sydney
Obedience and Rehabilitation

Dog Training School Sydney – Cause for Paws Classes are held at your own premises, we come to you. so please call to arrange a free consultation and to receive more information.