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Dog Obedience Training Starts with Your relationship with your dog:


Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training and Your relationship with your dog is a valuable asset in your life. Science is just starting to realize that our animal companions help us to relax and better cope with the ever-increasing levels of stress in our lives.

Becoming a dog owner means accepting a big responsibility with many hours of training, while accepting that a well-behaved dog does not happen overnight. It takes commitment and lots of time, along with consistence reinforcement of the training sessions, positive reinforcement, and lots of patience is paramount to succeed with the training and results that this will lead too.

Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training improves the bond between you and your dog, establishing communication and understanding of who is the pack leader. You must begin with your dog obedience training sessions as soon as your little puppy arrives home.

Training your dog on a regular basis or to be more precise daily obedience training is the best thing you can do for your dog , and in return you dog will acquire a sense of security from the rewarding experience of obedience and proper reinforcement working methods.

Training dogs in this way is very beneficial and quite easy to do, although it takes patience, time and commitment from your part.   Dog obedience training helps in building a strong bond of trust and respect between you and your dog because it conditions your dog to look to you for approval in everything they do!

Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training can make a huge difference to your dog’s behavior, contribute to their social skills at home and with other dogs in the park, limitations area must as they do have limitations in their natural habitat from their Alfa’s or pack leaders. Remember that our domesticated dogs are from the same “Order Carnivore”, which is a direct descendant of the “Canis Lupus” (wolf), which then was domesticated by humans and turned into “Canis Lupus familiaris”, which we know today as our domesticated dogs in many shapes colours and sizes. But remember that they behavior and way of communication and family structure remains the same as the wolf.

You must start your training with simply commands such as; Sit, Stay, heel while walking on the lead, to provide you with eye contact when they want something link a treat.

Dog obedience training is important for both you and your dog in so many ways. Teaching your dog to be obedient also gives your dog the awareness of the boundaries that you set for him.

These boundaries include being a responsible member of your family. Training your dog in obedience training may be the most important step you can take in order to build desirable habits in your dog

while at the same time minimising unpleasant behaviors such as jumping all over you and the guests that come to visit. Or barking at you demanding that you to play with them when they decide too.

Your training must start from an early stage or when you brought your new puppy home.

Bad behavioral tendencies can spring up very quickly and later on and especially when maturing into their adolescence gaining more confidence will turn into more serious behavioral problems.

After all they are animals that communicate in very different ways to us humans, and without the correct obedience training, and without guidance from us, and continual control, they will behave like animals. Animals, in our case our dogs, are primal and communicate in primal ways, they will push their boundaries and try to overturn the leader (us humans) as the leader because we are easy targets and do not properly understand their primal and instinctual behavior, and they will soon try to become to the leader of the pack in any way they can.

Dog Obedience Training Group

Dog Obedience Training Group

This is due to their ancient family structure based on hierarchical structure that we should always remember and not forget. Otherwise we will lose our control over them really quickly.

If they do not have to correct guidance and obedience training or the appropriate stern and assertive control they will soon make up their own behaviours, which can manifest in many different ways, such as; jumping up on you or your guests, lunging, begging at the table and even snatch a bit of food from your plate, pushing themselves up on the couch or a places they re not allowed to be on, poking peoples crotch with their noses, bringing you a toy and forse you to play with them on their terms, barking at other people entering your property, or just at passing people on the front footpath, and even leading to different types of aggression.

Although you are able to teach every old dog’s with new tricks, you must remember that what is acquired in their earliest stages of life, is often picked up easiest and fastest.

Set your dog up to succeed from the start, concentrate on developing desirable habits in your dog and preventing undesirable behavior. Training your dog will make you and your dog’s life happier and more harmonious. You will be proud of a dog that always behaves well and your dog will be proud of having such a great owner.

Dog-Obedience-and-Behaviour-Training and well-behaved dogs are expected from our furry companions. They live in our houses, walk beside us, play with our children and visit their doggie friends at the dog park.

Dog obedience training and mental stimulation games at home and outdoors are one of the most significant ways you can demonstrate your devotion and care for your dog, effective communication is necessary to instruct your dog about what you want them to do. Do not lose your patience and do not force or shout at your dog, otherwise they will not do it for you and think that you are unreliable and somewhat forceful and intimidating to them.

Dog obedience training involves the use of important verbal commands and concentrates on five key commands: Heel, sit, down, come and stay. These commands are critical to your dog’s day-to-day behaviour and can make your daily interactions fun and stress-free. Teaching a good stay means that

you know you are able to place your dog in a position and count on them to stay there until you get back to them, but this does not happen in a day or two, it take lots of repetitive work for them to become perfect at it..

Yet the question often remains – whether it is better to seek the help of a professional and experienced trainer, or try to do it yourself. Special situations may require professional experience, but for the most part you can do it yourself! If you know how to do it proficiently.

Puppy training starts the moment you bring your new puppy home. Whatever he does, it is so

Important that you respond and act appropriately otherwise he will learn incorrectly and develop bad


We always anticipate the joys of all-that’s-good about owning a puppy, but often it doesn’t work out

as well as we’d hoped. Puppies are delightful bundles of energy and curiosity, but they can also be

frustrating when they don’t do what we want them to.

If you respond appropriately to the challenges of bringing a new puppy into your home and family,

the adjustment period will be shorter and less stressful for both of you.

And if you don’t respond appropriately?

And sadly, that’s why there are so many adolescent dogs turned over to rescue centres or the RSPCA and other animal and Dog shelters.  So make that small step and effort of training your pup rights and wrongs, and if you are not sure how to do it or not experienced in doing it your self, then call Cause for Paws Dog Obediance Training Experts on 0447 376 764 to come and show you and your puppy how to properly interact and communicate with each other and how to properly correct a misbehavior from your puppie/dog

Dog Obedience Training Graduation

Obedience Training Graduation

Dog Obediance And Behaviour Training