Training Dogs With Special Needs

Training Dogs With Special Needs

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Training Dogs With Special Needs Requires Special Training And A Special Approach.

At Cause For Paws – We Have The Knowledge, Qualifications And The Experience with over 38 Years To Help Your Dog And Their Owners Restore That Balance, Make them Feel Safe, Secure And Seamlessly Fit In With The Rest Of Us Humans, Other Dogs And Our Environment.

Unfortunately as sad as it is, some dogs are born with very similar mental and/or physical disabilities and conditions as some humans do. Such conditions can include Deafness Or Partial Deafness, Blindness, K9 Autism, and some can also be born with different internal organ disfunctions or abnormalities and/or bone and skeletal structure diseases or disorders.

In Thes eecases, the pups natural Mothers would normally not let this pup live and will either kill them with a bite or let him perish by not assisting them to get out of their embryotic sac and reject the pup.  However, and sadly some breeders deside to take over this natural course of nature and the survival of the fittest, the will intervene and save those pups that mum rejected for a good reason, and unfortunately these pups eventually end up in someone’s home having lifetime and lifelong problems.

As the puppy is growing, and that can happen in many cases within weeks of the pup being with his new owner there will be clear signs or symptoms of a problem being present, be it Autism, deafness, blindness or another physical internal organ or skeletal issue and even undescended testies.

For most dog owners it may be hard to detect the problem at first but as they rgow and develop they will clearly show signs of problems being different to normal pups in some ways.

If it is a skeletal issue the dog may have a funny walk or a bunny hop when running, it may have difficulties in getting himself up from the ground or from a sitting position.

In K9 Autism cases it may display as aye contact avoidance, very fast and messy eating patterns, restlessness, tilted head and many other symptoms that indicate of a problem.

In Deafness, it will be very quickly and clear that the dog cant hear you when you call out to him from behind and so on… I will not go into the entire list of birth defects and symptoms that pups can be born with as there are unfortunately to many to list.

However, At Cause for Paws we have the qualifications, knowledge and 38 years of experience to identify such issues. Therefore, we are able develop special training programmes tailored to each individual pup depending on the situation and the illness of the dog.

In some physical illness cases such as hip dysplasia or any type of skeletal or internal organs problem we will refer you to a specialist veterinarian, and that is because some physical internal issues can not be trained and need medical assistance such as surgery medication and specialised treatment and special diet wich in our opinion the most suitable diet for nay dog is a Species Appropriate Diet (RAW FOOD and NEVER KIBBLE)

Nevertheless, with all other mental issues such as K9 Autism, deafness or blindness symptoms we can teach you and your pup how to communicate and get along seamlessly and make your little pooch a happy dog that is going to grow up with you to his golden age feeling safe, happy.

If you have any concerns about your dogs behaviour display please do not hesitate to contact us for a free phone consult on 0447 376 764