Top 10 Holiday Pet Hazards

Top 10 Holiday Pet Hazards

Top 10 Holiday Pet Hazards

Remember to watch your pets wellbeing when going on holidays with them or even in the festive season holidaying at home with family and friends.

Some of the most common accident and health hazards for pet’s are:

Cooked Bones- as they can splinter and cause major intestinal damage.

Sugar free Cookies contain Xylitol, which can cause your pet vomiting, seizures and even liver failure.

Chocolate is very bad as you may already know its toxic for them

Some Plants, as some plants can be poisonous

Alcohol, can be found in human foods such as eggnog and when given to your dog can be quite dangerous.

Tinsel foil can be found on present wrappings and when not properly exposed of pets can find it quite amusing to play with, and if swallowed it can be fatal.

Electrical cords are always an interesting object for dogs in new places, so please make sure to turn of power to cables when going to sleep or leaving the dog on its own in a new environment

Grapes and sultanas are very bad and should net be given to dogs not even as a treat or not even one.

Human medication can be also a hazardous for dogs and you want to make sure you put your medication pack away from the reach of your dog.

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