Puppy Training Course At Your Home One On One Puppy Trainer


Puppy Training Course At Your Home One On One Puppy Trainer in Sydney and Hobart


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Puppy Training School – Cause for Paws

Puppies learn from the moment they are born from their parents and their litter-mates. When taken away from the biological parents you become the responsible person for their development from that moment. So you must start your puppy with their obedience learning as soon as possible, as the early 14 weeks of their life are the most important learning stages of their lives, and it doesn’t matter what breed or size they are, and it does not matter if they did or didn’t get their last vaccination, as they must be exposed to as many situations as possible such as; kids, other dogs and puppies, road noises, kids strollers and many others…

We have to teach them where they rules, boundaries and limitations lay, we have to teach them respect and we have to start teaching them where to go to the toilet and where not to. Where is food served, where they sleep and many other things in order to have a well behaved and balanced puppy. if we wont teach them what we are expecting from them, they wont know what a good dog means.

Cause for Paws will provide and educate you with scientifically researched information that has been proven to be the best and most effective way of training your puppy to grow into a well behaved and balanced adult dog.

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