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Dog Psychology Group Seminar – Sydney


Obedient Training

Obedient Training



Understanding our dogs for a better relationship – Seminar

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For All Seminnars, Please Make Sure You Arrive A Few Minutes Prior To Registration To Take Your Seat.

Ample Free public parking available.

In this seminar you will be attending Sydney’s most experienced dog trainer, Behaviourist, educator and speaker. With over 38 years of hands on experience working with dogs and an the intimate knowledge and study background of the Canidaes family structure and their behaviour in the wild or their Natural Habitat, and in our domesticated dogs who are living in our homes and backyards.  We will discuss their small differences to their primal ancestors; The Canis Lupus – The wolf.

In this 2.5 Hour Seminar;  “How to get my dog to understand me and respond with respect and obedience, you will learn how to quickly and effectively you can gain your dogs attention and respect in any situation for ultimate control and the desired obedience required of them in our environment.

The discussion and main focus of this seminar topic will cover several key behaviours and cognitive learning;

Quick introduction to Cause For Paws, our specialities and the 35 years of experiance working with dogs.

  1. Proper interaction and special attention with your dog at home, in the park or while walking on the lead.
  2. How to understand our dogs needs and wishes, they have choices that we need to consider too.
  3. How to teach your pup/dog social skill and good mannerisms to avoid misbehaviour at home and in the park while playing with other dogs.
  4. How to properly meet and greet another dog approaching you while walking on the lead on the footpath.
  5. Mental Simulation exercise and games to teach your dog to be calm and teach him to learn how to use their brain rather then the excitability most dog’s display.
  6. How to easily change unwanted and nuisance behaviours that has already set in or became a learnt behaviour. Such as; barking at the door bell, jumping up on people, or guests, barking at the back yard. fence when someone passes by, destructive behaviour, lounging at other dogs, crossing of boundaries, separation anxiety, and many more useful topics.
  7. Species appropriate diet and the correct maintenance for optimum health of your dog.
  8. Live demonstration of all behaviours will be demonstrated with our own dog and we will demonstrate and show you how to communicate and control every situation with ease.
  9. Complementary booklet with information and instruction of how to continue the training at home.
  10. Q and A for the last 30 minutes of the seminar.
  11. Raffle;  one lucky winner will receive a free 2 hour one on one training session
Obedient Training

Obedient Training

Last 30 minutes of the seminar we will have time for Questions and Answers for everyone to address their concerns and problems.

Be quick as there are only limited spots

Book your seat now so you don’t miss out on your best chance you’ll have at achieving the best dog obedience training information you can get, and have your dog happy, balanced and a well behaved member of the pack.

The cost for attending this Seminar is $45.00 per person.

Tickets are sold Directly via Cause For Paws website in the store tab .

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Single person ticket $55.00
Couple Tickets $95

10 reviews for Dog Psychology Group Seminar – Sydney

  1. Mydog

    Understanding our dogs for a better reletionship – Seminar

  2. Mydog

    Thanks for everything Ron, we have started to see a big improvement in freddy our chi × foxy, he is definitely benefiting from the new diet and is behaving a lot better since we’ve started with the techniques you taught us. He transitioned well with the birth of new bub (we had another girl!) And he even returned back to me a lot quicker then he would have before after he accidentally got out.
    We couldn’t be happier with the progress he has made in such a short time? He still has a while to go but we have very high hopes now!
    thanks again. Would definitely recommend you!

  3. Mydog

    Ron was great with our dogs. We have two very energetic pups who needed to be brought in line. We are still using the techniques Ron gave us to ensure that their play fighting has a limit, and we will be bringing him back again in a few weeks to do a some follow up training. Thanks Ron, From Kate and Simon

  4. Mydog

    Ron is AMAZING! He visited our house and met our two dogs and within minutes their behaviour had changed. He has taught us how to use dog language to show them good behaviour. Our new pup is a rescue and although our old dog has bonded well we were having trouble introducing the new pup to other dogs. We were worried as our old dog is so social and loves playing with other dogs. Ron has given us some very sound and logical techniques and we cannot wait to see the improvements. Ron has offered for us to call him anytime to check in and has also given us advice on food, treats and mental stimulation tricks. I feel so confident that we can now give our new rescue the best life!
    We are so thankful for Ron’s advice. He has been so accommodating and helpful. He is a master at his craft and we now know how to communicate properly with our dog. Thank you Ron!

  5. Mydog

    Ron is so knowledgeable about dogs. And it is very evident that he is a true dog lover. He has instilled us with confidence and we are so happy that we asked Ron to help us with our 19 month old staffy fox terrier x.
    Ron gave us many tips and useful advice that has improved our relationship with our furry family member.

  6. Mydog

    Ron provided us with a great service and really helpful insights! Our dog’s behaviour improved quickly after Ron’s visit and even a couple of weeks later he was happy to assist us over the phone when we had questions regarding a different issue with our dog. I can highly recommend Ron

  7. Mydog

    Needed expert advice on a 19 month old Boston Terrier with some social skills issues, soon after emailing Ron he promptly replied with a phone call where we discussed our problems in detail making our decision to choose Ron’s services even easier. Arranged a training session a week later and within the first half hour we knew we had come to the right place. Ron provided us with invaluable insight as to why our boy Luka was behaving in such ways and pointed us the right direction in terms of managing our dog’s rehabilitation from now on. We have ongoing support available via emails or phone calls without any extra costs.

  8. Mydog

    My husband and two children have never owned a pet. We were a little nervous on having our first puppy. Ron was extremely helpful and guided us to the right path regarding behaviour, diet, toilet training and stimulating our puppy. He followed up with a phone call to check how Coco had settled in and if we have any further issues, we will definately contact Ron. Contact Ron as soon as you receive puppy , it made a world of a difference. Thank you Ron:)

  9. Mydog

    My puppy Laila of 4 months had terrible seperation anxiety and would bark constantly for hours, disturving the neighbours. I tried all the online advice and nothing seemed to work. I called Ron and arranged a home visit and when he had left I felt so much more confident with the tools that he had given me. Laila”s barking 2 weeks later had slowly diminished with the training that Ron taught me.. I’m so greatful that I’d found Ron. He regularly calls me to check on Laila’s progress and it’s terrific giving him the great feedback that he helped me in achieving. 5 star recommendation for anyone needing advice with any kind of dog issues. Thanks Ron 🙂

  10. Mydog

    Great experience with Ron. He was very knowledgeable and patient.
    Everything he said about dogs in general made sense and it has been much easier to train our dog after this information.
    He is always available for advice.
    Highly recommend.

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