Pound Dogs Training Assistance Project
Pound Dog Assistance Project

Pound Dog Assistance Project

Cause For Paws is proud to announce our “Pound Dogs Training Assistance” Project.

Cause For Paws Dog Training and Owner Education embarked on a journey and a mission to help rehabilitate and assist pound dogs overcome their problem behaviour, be it aggression, fear or any other anxiety issues they may have endured from their previous experiences, just so we can give them that little extra help and correct guidance so they can quickly find a new forever home

Cause for Paws will directly liaise with local Sydney dog pounds and shelters and offer to assist with the responsibility of some extra training to make sure we correctly re-train some learnt behaviours and rehabilitate any dog in need of rehabilitation, and at the same time we will also educate their new owners with the appropriate skills and knowledge they need to possess to correctly interact with their new rescues just to avoid any future problems and to have a normal dog life.

Pound and shelter dogs often don’t have an accurate history or record on file, which we can rely on for their appropriate and specific training for that individual dog. Often, it is very difficult to know what exactly happened to this poor animal in its past life and what it has been through. Most pound dogs are often   given up, dumped or surrendered to a pound simply because of their owner’s lack of commitment and knowledge of how to correctly interact with them.

Cause for Paws is now taking the initiative in full force to make a difference and help re-training these animals and their new owners so they can have a fresh start and a good normal doggie life with their new owners.

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