Moving With Your Dog

Moving With Your Dog

Moving With Your Dog

Moving with your dog,

tips and how to better handle the adaptation to the new home.

Dogs are quite connected to their homes. Many dogs get anxieties and fears in their new environments, especially if they are not properly introduces to the new home.

Some dogs have been known to escape their new places and run back to their previous residences where they have been found days slater.

So when you move to a new home you can make it easier for your dog to adapt and have less fears as to where he is and so on…

Before permanently moving, take him to visit the new place and take some of his toys, his bed drinking bowl, and place a few yummy snacks in a place where he can find them. Let him sniff around as they have a very keen nose, and the curiosity is high. Once they have absorbed all the smells and they know what everything is they usually become more relaxed.

This will help your dog feel more connected with the new place when you finally make the final move.

Remember that they will be somewhat strange in the first couple of months and you can help them overcome these anxieties quicker by paying more attention and interact with your dog regularly.

Mental stimulation by playing games and doing trick exercises will also help get their mind settled.