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Cause For Paws Sydney is a professional and certified training business operating for over 38 years and specifically catering for: dog training, puppy class, dog rehabilitation and dog psychology covering the entire sydney region.

Dog Training
Puppy Classes
Dog Rehabilitation
Dog Psychology Centre
Upcoming seminars and events for; Dog Obedience and Dog Training techniques,  we will teach you how dogs learn and how to understand your dogs needs, their choices and  how to gain your dogs respect so they will display their best behaviour to you. ( every dog owner can do this with small or little effort)

Upcoming Seminar;  Will be announced soon

 Please follow this page closely for upcoming updates.  Tickets can be purchased on our website HERE
dog training, puppy class, dog rehabilitation and dog psychology
dog training, puppy class, dog rehabilitation and dog psychology

Puppy Classes and Puppy Pre School

  • Introduction to Cause for Paws and its program
  • Dog Behaviour and dogs origins
  • How to gain your dogs respect
  • Walking your dog on lead and socialisation
  • Dogs health and correct diet
  • How dogs learn
  • Responsible ownership and Behaviour
  • Teaching your dog tricks
  • Final Assessment and Graduation (All pups graduate)
  • Rights and Wrongs
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dog training, puppy class, dog rehabilitation and dog psychology

If your dog requires obedience and training, we can help.

Cause For Paws In Sydney provids dog training, puppy class, dog rehabilitation and dog psychology Solutions.

We offer a complete and a wide range of services and a comprehensive owner education programme to help owners better understand their dogs needs and having a harmonious loving relationship with outmost respect and obedience as they would provide in their natural habitat to their pack members.

If, Chewing is an issue, Pulling on the lead, Not coming when called, Jumping, Aggressive behaviour, Crotch sniffing, Excessive barking, Crossing of limit areas, Separation Anxiety, or any other type of anxiety or strange behaviour, Wreaking havoc on the family environment.

We use Natrural Holistic force free and respect based training, along with breed specific to pinpoint the underlining problems in order to resolve the issues in the most effective way. We continually study and are involved in all latest researches published and we use the best and most natural techniques to rectify your dogs unwanted behaviour patterns in a few short sessions and in many cases even in minutes of proper undestanding and interaction.

We have over 38 years of hands on experience. Problems and training methods are approached and assessed in a professional, natural and lovingly manner, which won’t cause you or your dog undue distress or discomfort. On the contrary, you will notice results, greater respect and balance in a very short time.

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