Can a Pet Get You Sick?

Can a Pet Get You Sick?

Can a Pet Get You Sick?

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Have You Ever Wondered if I…

Can get sick from my dog?

Can give my dog a cold?

And what diseases can I get from pets?

So, the answers for both these questions are – Yes and No.

Some of the common human diseases like the Flue or a Common Cold are not transmittable to dogs and vice-versa, some of dog common diseases like cannel cough, Heartworm or Parvovirus are not transmittable to humans.

However there are some significant diseases that can be transmitted to humans, such as; Salmonella, Mange, lyme and Rabies.

these are diseases that can seriously effect one.  The first step in attempting to eliminate and avoid such situations you must keep your pet vaccinated at all times and you must keep a hygienic environment at home.

If you have any more information you would like to share about your experiences and their solutions, please let us know and share it with us so thousands of other dog lovers can make your information usefully and can eliminate such fatal problems in the future.